Lingerie Bag: In Travel Bag Style

When best travel destination has been determined, then time travel has been scheduled, so then we should prepare anything we need in our travel. One thing in this moment that is important is about the clothes which would be brought, included lingerie. Sometimes, maybe we will forget about lingerie and other kind of underwear and bras which would be brought, because this type of clothes commonly will be used inside of our dresses.
Actually, lingerie is a type of most important that should be cared when we are traveling, because we will get confused and discomfort when we don't bring that. Moreover when we get traveling with our sweetheart, hubby, and someone special in our life.
Keeping the good image about ourselves in front of someone special in our life, we should keep also our appearance, include our lingerie. So when bring our lovely lingerie, don't forget to bring them in the lingerie bags. This lingerie bag will keep the bras won't get smashed in luggage. This lingerie bag will be a travel bag for our lingerie not only when we are traveling, but also when we are going to the gym, bringing them when we visiting a friend's house, and lot of times through the airport. Bras can lose their shape especially with being crushed inside a bag or luggage, then this lingerie bag/case has a hard shell that is curved to like a bra to protect it.


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