Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant that is holding in Las Vegas has chosen the winner, that is Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarette. Instead of the holding of it, here are several best evening gowns (best dressed) of the Miss Universe 2010 finalist.

This year's winner of Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, selected a bright, ruby-red gown with pleats and gem embroidery. It was a stunner. Just perfect. One shoulder, flowy and Grecian-Goddess, not cheap-looking and overtly tacky, no slit to show her you-know-what, close but she still looked great. 

Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, chose a feminine, embroidered design in pastel tones. V-neck re-embroidered with a nice delicate color and heck, it hit the floor and was the right length. It was delicate, and elegant.

Miss Favorite To Win The Crown, Miss Ireland, Rozanna Purcell, was a crowd favorite, looking radiant in her evening gown. The champagne color complemented her skin tone, while the embroidered design across her shoulder added a unique detail. Although it would have looked better placed on the other shoulder and not obscured by the sash. It showed her fabulous curves, and gave her some elegance.
Miss Colombia, Natalia Navarro, also looked great in a nude, one-shoulder gown. The silver iridescent embroidered one-shoulder Mermaid-style gown was perfect. The silver-thread embroidery added a dash of glamour to an otherwise elegant creation.
Pale pink silk and blonde hair combined perfectly for Miss Puerto Rico, Mariana Vicente, as the mermaid cut of her gown accentuated her curvaceous figure.
Miss Ukraine, Anna Poslavskaya, a sophisticated lady. These types of romantic designs can make a woman look sensual, yet still chic, like Miss Ukraine shows us here. The fallen sleeves are never out of fashion and add a distinctive look to even the simplest gown.
Not many chose to wear a halter like Miss France, Malika Menard. Her gown included great elements: embroidery, gems, and other details, all in a nude tone, keeping it very elegant, yet contemporary and fun.

Miss Guatemala, Jessica Scheel, chose a simple silhouette that fit tight to her body. The main distinction that helped this dress rise above most is the design around the neck and cleavage, a savvy mix of elegant and sexy.

Miss Philippines, Venus Raj, almost didn't make it into our best dresses' list. Even though we love the color and shimmery fabric, we feel the top doesn't match the rest of the design. But still, it's a great gown and added brightness to her already cheerful personality.


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