IKAT CLOTH FROM THE LAND OF KARTINI or Tenun Troso is a traditional handwoven fabric originated from Troso, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Available in various motives (rainbow, ikat, plain, batik) and materials (cotton, viscose, natural fibers such as pineapple fibres, silk). Troso weaving handicrafts are already a trade mark of Jepara regency. Although this is still a lot of marketing through Bali, but also have exported them directly. Tenun Troso great demands are for office uniforms. Tenun TRoso from Jepara has been serving a request from various City outside Jepara, such as Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Jakarta and several other islands and towns in Java.
To increase the market in various European countries, the raising of quality standards is emphasised in the development of patterns and designs produced. For that, designers are required to develop their knowledge and skills so that they compete with the products of other areas. This tenun Troso can be designed as bag, hand bag, dresses, sajada, wallet, etc.

Here are some modern designs of Tenun Troso by Poppy Dharsono, the senior designer from Indonesia. The woven material is not as thick as usual and it looks suitable for the convinience matter. The material is light and suit for any occasions.

Photo source: jeparaworld.wordpress.com


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