Lady Gaga unique dresses, The magazine, Vanity Fair, says there’s an “eclectic feel to this year’s ranking of the style elite.” 
Vanity Fair announced its 71st Annual International Best-Dressed Poll on August 3rd, 2010. The best dressed of the famous people in theworld for 2010 involved Lady Gaga, Michelle Barack Obama, Carla Bruni, and also David Beckham, the husband of Victoria Beckham, and others.

Michelle Obama makes the list again with the magazine saying she’s reviving her clothing “arms, belts, cardigans, shifts, high hair, kitten-heel pumps.”

The first lady of French, Carla Bruni often accompanies her husband, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, in informal dressing.

Actresses Carey Mulligan (loved her Prada dress with the hardware from the Oscars!).

Diane Kruger make the cut. Diane says her favorite item of clothing is “anything from Chanel.”

The best dressed men list includes  Javier Bardem, the husband of Penelope Cruz, who says his style influence is whatever role he is working on at the time.
Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal make the best-dressed “Siblings” list.

David Beckham earns Hall of Fame status. The guy is the epitome of style. His favorite item of clothing: “Dior jeans and white T-shirt.” 

Pharrel Williams, the rapper who always wear his casual dresses
The best dressed couple, Ed Burns dan Christy Turlington
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