Many years ago, maternity clothing was not considered well as it is now. At that time,  no clothing manufacturer was willing to invest into the maternity wear due to no demands in the market was just a few.  Commonly, the pregnancy woman would wear bigger size clothing during their pregnancy.
Then, the woman  consideration and attention to maternity clothing started since Middle age, where only royal family has tailored made maternity clothes due to the body shape changes requires the cutting that suits.   Until the late 1990s, where it started with some celebrity pregnancies to promote the maternity wear for working women especially during outing and traveling. In modern age, women know their rights and choose what they need in this new era, incluing how to select the maternity clothing that is fashionable and confortable.
  1. Purchase ever green fashion maternity wear, do not just follow the trend blindly. Fashion being fashion, just like any other clothing, it has its own validity period. For example if you find any superstar who advertise this out-of-this-planet design clothing looking so good in this season, the next thing it could be end up in the wardrobe unattended due to it is out of season. Try to buy something you like and you can wear it casually which can last your at least for 3 pregnancies.
  2. You may choose something that are good quality and exclusive which are meant for special occasion, so even though you delivered and get back to the shape, you can still wear those maternity clothes when you are planning to go out. Keep other over size t-shirt, sweaters to be worn at home due to nobody will care how you look like when you are at home alone. 
  3. Buying something that is versatile. If it is possible that choose the maternity clothing that comes with breastfeeding function such as interchangeable bra or detachable piece. Select the fashionable maternity clothing that looks like the nursing clothes so that you can easily take care of your baby after the pregnancy is over and performs the breastfeeding at the same time. By doing so, you can maximize the usage of the maternity clothing instead of  putting them into your wardrobe for the next pregnancy.
  4. You also can find the Maternity Clothing Colection that appropriate and fit for you in any online store that provides many choices. So you can compare them one by one related to the size and color.


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