Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday BellaBand

Here's a secret no one shares about pregnancy: One morning, you will wake up, and nothing will fit around your waist. Your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans simply won’t button. It's that sudden. Easy fix. The BellaBand. Simply the most versatile maternity essential during and after pregnancy. Slip this ultra-soft, seamless knit band around the waistline, over unbuttoned jeans, skirts and shorts. Instant comfort. Instant hold. Instantly smooth. And no one will know your pants are undone! The BellaBand works throughout your entire pregnancy when pants, skirts or shorts aren't fitting quite right. It's ideal mid-pregnancy over too-loose maternity or snug-fitting transition wear, in late pregnancy as an extra-hold accessory for under-the-belly styles that fall down around the hips when the belly pushes them down, and after pregnancy when maternity becomes big and pre-pregnancy is bit snug.

Product Description
Ingrid & Isabel Style 1111. Specifically designed for expectant mothers. Ultra-soft, stretch nylon. Holds up loose fitting pants, skirts or shorts. Disguises bulky unfastened buttons and zippers. Conceals excess fabric and smooths out panels. Ideal for extra reinforcement over maternity waistbands.


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