People in the world have a very diverse lifestyle, but the certainty of the lifestyle is that it got increased the day after day. Moreover by the growth of internet usage that provides huge and broad information, people can get the information variously just in a few second. The news, event, and everything happens in a part of the world will be known by people around the world as fast as possible. This will influence the people reactions related to their lifestyle, such as their hobbies, their eating habits, their fashion, etc.
Shortly, the internet increased usage can influence the lifestyle of people. For instance, young man or woman, who can customize their fashion by get their custom tees that is customized to their group band stickers, in which all the news related to the music can be found on Myspace music or other online music resources. By internet, nowadays, people can purchase the dresses they want to buy by customizing them in order that suitable for their want and need. So in this case people can select the custom tees, or other fashion design appropriate to the fashion trend line that they would be expressed. Beside that, many young people who are mostly fans of a group band can find and collect many kind of band stickers which describing and revealing what they would like to. Not only that, young people either male or female, now can enjoy their hobbies related to the music growth around the world without leaving their room through internet, such as via Myspace music, where anything related to the music are revealed.
Of course, not only the custom tees that can be customized by people to meet their fashionable appearance, but also the other fashion products. So, people can get their fashion style suitable with their hobbies and interests.


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