Celebrity life always attracts people attention. The more famous the celebrity, the more interesting the news about him/her. Many news and reports related to celebrities behavior and life will always make anybody to follow that news and reports enthusiastically. The people never care about the kinds of news about celebrities, either good news or bad ones, the always get attracted to get that news.
Not only news related to their career, but also their love life, their house hold, their marriage, their kids, and also all kinds of their privacy life. Yet, the most attracted ones is commonly the celebrity’s appearance in fashion, such as how they dressed, their accessories, their shoes, their hair style, their make up, etc. That’s why most people like to pay attention to celeb photos, in which for this case usually people will looking for the celeb photos through many kinds of media, like newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and also online media. More over, recently, through search engine in internet, people can find the celeb photos easily, just write the key word such as celebrity photos, or the name of celebrity who want to be searched, and then people can find many kinds of celeb photos in many poses and many events and also in many appearance in fashion trend.
When looking the attractive celebrities appearance will always make people to know further more about their tips and trick related to how they keep their fits appearance, how they keep their beauty, etc. more over when the celebrity is one who always been the news maker such as Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.
In this context, the celeb photos which are searched by the people are not only the photos of the celebrity him/herself, but also the photos of their husband or wife, their girlfriends/boyfriends, their children, their parents, their sisters or brothers. All photos of anybody who has relationship with the celebrities also will be looking for. That’s why celebrities babies and kids photos also become the pictures which are searched mostly by people, despite of celeb photos itself. 

Here are some celebrity photos in any poses and events:
Excitement awaits the fab four -- Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) -- as they enjoy their exotic luxury vacation in Abu Dhabi (New Photos from 'Sex and the City 2')

In two unusual feats, a smiling and -- gasp! -- fully covered Lady Gaga posed for photos before a concert in Berlin in May 2010.  The artist took home accepted three German "Echo" awards in this voluminous ensemble.  Gaga and edgy fashion are like two peas in a pod-jacket.  

Men Who Make Us Say 'Mmm': Robert Pattinson. R-Patz makes a Today show appearance at NBC studios on March 1.

MTV Movie Awards Noms: Sandra, RPattz...and Betty White!

Photos: iVillage


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