When we get a vacation in a beach, so there are some thinds that should be completed, such as: bathing suits, white shirts, flip-flops, hat, sunglasses, sarong, and dry change of clothes.
  • There's a bathing suit that matches your needs and tastes, no matter your size or style. While you can wear cut-off shorts when you swim, a bathing suit's fabric dries much faster.
  • White shirts are  large shirt, ideally a long-sleeved shirt, to help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Even if you plan to spend a good deal of the time in the water, you should bring along a shirt to wear while you're on the beach. Dress in white instead of black to keep your clothes from absorbing heat while you're in the sun.
  • Flip flops will protect your feet when walking around. The asphalt of the parking lot and the sands of the beach can get quite hot after hours of direct exposure to sunlight. Watch for broken glass or sharp sea shells if you plan to go without your flip-flops on the beach.
  •  Hat or cap with a wide brim to help shield your eyes from the sun. As an alternative, stop by a beach supply store and pick up a souvenir visor.
  • Sarong that can be selected is a colorful sarong around your bathing suit to retain some sense of modesty. Most womens' bathing suits don't leave much to the imagination. A sarong acts like a breezy, fun dress you can wrap around your bathing suit bottom.
  • Sunglasses will make it easier to see. Look for a pair of waterproof sunglasses if you plan to go in and out of the water during the day. Use a piece of string or a safety cord to keep your glasses from falling off your face while you horse around.
  • Dry change of clothes are a change of clothes for the end of the day. It will be a terrible for you when you should ride back home from the beach in wet bathing suit.
Here are some bathing suit from Speedo. Speedo is the number one swimwear brand worldwide and equals better fit, performance, quality, and technical innovation. Below are the perfect suit for adults who spend less time in the water than competitive swimmers with the classic styling and performance for which Speedo is renowned. Super proback styling. Flat-locked stitching eliminates chafing. Low drag profile. Fully front lined. Bar tack reinforcement at stress points. Wide, non-slip straps.

Beside swimswit, you also need sarong for wrapping around your bathing suit bottom. Here are some sarong for beach from Surabaya. They are so colorful and breezy. So beautiful also, they are from Griya Busana Nanisha Surabaya.
When you'd like to get one of them, just leave your comment in this blog.


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