Every woman would like to look beautiful and elegant in any occasion. And most of woman would like to show one or two features on her body that she loves and wouldn’t mind showing off, the others, as well as one or two features (or more) that she’d like to hide under a paper bag or trade in. The absolutely wonderful thing about a well-designed prom dress is that it can make woman good features shine and less desirable features dim in comparison. The fact that, every woman knows and understands is that not every woman has a perfect body, but a woman should be able to make the others never guess that fact when she is in their prom dresses.

So, when selecting the prom dresses, there are at least four points that should be considered by the woman, they are understanding the body, the color, and the size, then of course the quality.
Related to the understanding the body type, the woman should understand her body, such as the colors of her eyes, hair and skin tone, and what style lines are most flattering for her body type. The best way to hide flaws is to highlight her good points.
The colour selection also should be considered. White or very light-colored prom dresses, especially if the fabric has a lot of shine, will reflect light and can make the woman seem larger. Darker hues tend to have a slimming effect, but on the other hand the woman wants a shade with enough life to flatter her own coloring.
Then, third is about the size. The woman can look elegant at any size if the design has the right proportions to flatter her figure and she gets a good fit. When she would like to fit that skims the body but doesn't cling, with enough ease to move comfortably and gracefully. Formal dress sizing is often different from street clothes so what size is on the tag can be ignored and judge the dress by how it fits.
Then the last is the quality. Actually, a combination of many things: the quality of the manufacturing process, the quality of the fabrics, and couture, an original design that transforms the wearer's body into a work of art. So, the quality here related to the manufacture process, such as how the dress is made; the seams all wobbly and mangled look like; the sleeves that are finished right; the line; etc. Beside that, the quality also related to the fabrics quality. So, before selecting the prom dress, it would be better if we take care of this one. The better fabrics drape better and feel better, either when we are wearing it or when the others touch it. Then, the quality also related to the couture or the cut of the dress.
And related to the couture, the rule is that the simpler the dress, the higher the couture (haute couture), because in the fashion world simple equals elegant, refined, sophisticated and expensive in taste.

The best way to hide flaws is to highlight your good points


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