Today, lady apparel and the impact of fashion has changed the perception of clothing from merely being a tool to protect the body from harshness of the environment and extreme weathers but a device in measuring the height of success of its wearer. This is especially true for women. Though it is still deemed necessary for all mankind to be fully and presentably clothed, in some part of the world, clothing has evolved into a fashion statement that represents a woman’s well being.
Time is the most important jewel that seems to be slipping past us every second of our life. And for practically and simplicity, the best option that is convenient and yet stylish enough to suit the changing modern trends of this world is to wear a watch. For women, in this case, watch is not only be a telling time tool, but it can be the fashionable accessories that will reveals what exactly they are. So, these watches must be embodiment of style and structure with a lot of other functions. It is more of an ornament used by women to add a final touch to their attire.
There are various different types of fashion watches for ladies. Some are digital and some are analogue. The main emphasis is on the design. The wristband is either leather or metal. Depending upon the occasion and style, watches are made. Mostly women buy watches that go with an outfit while some tech savvy watches are even designed to give a feminine look. No matter how expensive they are, the top most expensive fashion watches are preferred by women to present their class. Fashion watches are considered to be the best option as they do not only fulfil the purpose of telling time but also for adorning oneself.

Numerous kinds of watches for women are available in the market now. Michele Watch, is one of the hottest watch for Palm Beach and young Hollywood, and all over the pages of Vouge, Glamour, W, Elle, Us, Palm Beach Illustrated, the Neiman Marcus Wishbook, the New York Times, Maxim, Baazar and more. Spotted on countless celebrities: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Hall Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Queen Latiffa, Oprah, the View's Lisa Ling, Calista Flockhart, The Soprano's Edie Falco... they all love their Michele watches. The design of Michele Watch gives a reflection of the designer beliefs in craftsmanship, styling and quality, then will deliver the satisfaction for woman who wears it in fashionable watch and appearance.


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