German based European Trend Institute (eti) have thrown their hat into the ring with their four key looks for women in the colder months of 2009/2010.

50's Strapless Satin Formal Bridesmaid Prom Dress
SPANX Higher Power High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Shaper 032


Urban rationality and the search for the perfect look leave their stamp on a cool, rational atmosphere. Quiet Neutrals reflect mineral structures. Diffuse metallic reflexes provide a modern gloss. Fabrics are fine-threaded and compact. Doubles, sandwich weaves and ultrathick technics shape the silhouettes. Graphic patterns have a softer look and larger repeats. Silk and Jersey provide a feminine contrast. Crystals, shimmering metal and varnish ornaments provide spectacular deco effects.


Nature inspires a rich, soft materiality. Like the precious fullness of furs, high-quality fabric volumes create a cosy feel. Brightly warm nuances and dusty tones provide the basis for tone-in-tone looks with strong surface contrasts. Hairy overcoat qualities are declined via light flannels to semi-transparent crepes. A strong focus is put on melange optics and colour shadings. Velvets sensitively translate soft pastels. Lace and devores stage seductive fancies.


Mysterious forests are full of surprising creatures. The feathers of the birds, the markings of the furs play with a palette of warm brown and vegetal green tones. Authentic materiality breathes an expressive casual spirit. Organic cotton and eco- friendly qualities have a high priority. Full cottons with structures and worker denim provide a contrast to milled and velour optics. Checks celebrate a real comeback from tartans right through to Canadienne checks with an ombre effect. Prints redefine animal motives in complex fashion.


In the age of networking, sampling cultures and artistic influences is simply child's play. Folk, hippie and arty worlds flow into each other. With multicoloured stimulation, the colour series lives from powerful impulses. Unusual associations of cold/warm contrasts produce tension and new colour sounds. Multicoloured tweeds and colourful checks provide coloured fabrics with a new rhythm. Recycled yarns generate random effects. Folk and neohippie prints show their colours. Ultra-lightweight technics and coloured denims stand for sportsmanship.

The Children's Place Big-Girls Knit Skort
The Children's Place Big-Girls Knit Skort
The Children's Place Baby-Girls Circle Party Skirt

Here is the It's on with Alexa Chung, Young fashionistas hosting fully interactive shows and British Style Icon Beauty.

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Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed Fit Jean
Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jean
Levi's Men's 501 Pre Shrunk Jean

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