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Blogsvertise is the paid review program in which will make the publishers (blogger/webmaster) meet the advertisers. By joining this program, publishers can earn income or revenue from online blog or journal in an easy to use, effective and simple system.
It is free to register in Blogsvertise and add the blog to the system for approval. Once approved, the blog goes into the assignment queue. The blogsvertise administrator then assigns writing tasks for what the advertisers want to mention in the blog. In this case, publishers do not have to endorse the website service or product, just mention it in the blog and link to the advertiser website 3 times in yourthe blog entry, or usually there is the requirement that determined by the advertiser.

The blogsvertise program has the difference with the other paid review program, due to Blogsvertise has Grab Bag Task (GBT) on their system that allowed publisher to get more task opportunities. Generally, if there any task or job for the publishers, the system will send them an email to let publishers know that they will accept or decline the task. If the publisher choose to accept the task, then publisher would fill the form data about the post review such as title, URL, and description. Afterwards, Blogsvertise will approve or reject the bolg entry that has been submitted. When, the blog entry is approved, so Blogsvertise will pay theh publisher through paypal. If don't have paypal, just free sign up here. It is so easy way, isn't it?

And I have been approved by blogsvertise today and approve not untill 24 hours. I submitted my blog today and get the approval today also. Here it is.

Now, I just waiting the job given by the advertiser through the GBT or via email. Thanks a lot BV. and BRAVO .....


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