Fashion Design

Fashion is an important part of modern living. Lovers of fashionable styles should know that their fashion world is created by fashion designers. What then is "Fashion designing"? First of all fashion designing applies to clothing and other lifestyle or fashion accessories. Fashion design also relates to the fashion practices present during a time period for a culture and society. Fashion designing is an art applied to creating new types of clothing and other fashion accessories. Fashion designing originated in Paris (France) but has now spread all over the world. Fashion designing can be divided into three main parts:
  • Made to measure garments:
    This category of fashion designing usually concentrates on creating garments of high quality and made of expensive fabric. The garment is tailor made for an individual customer giving great attention to minute details applicable to the individual customer's needs. The french called such designing "haute couture".
  • Ready to wear garments:
    Clothes in this category are not made for an individual customer but still a lot of attention is paid to the design and fabric of the garment. Such garments are expensive and usually seasonal to allow them to be exclusive even though they are bulk produced.
  • Mass market garments:
    Here clothes are produced in large quantities to meet the needs of a large range of customers wanting ready to wear, cheap yet fashionable clothing. Such garments rely more on machine production and often use cheaper fabrics.
Fashion designing mainly concentrates on Day wear and evening wear for women and men, women's lingerie, teenage clothing, sports wear, outer wear, bridal wear and accessories. Note that the choice of proportion, color and texture of garments and accessories are most important in fashion designing. A fashion designer conceives the design of a garment. A pattern maker will draft the shapes and sizes of the various garment pieces. A tailor will make the garment. A textile designer helps to design the prints and weaves for the garments. A stylist will assist in mixing and matching clothes, jewelry and accessories in an appropriate way to meet the fashion requirements of the customer. A model wears and displays clothes and accessories at fashion shows and poses for photographs to be published in magazines to promote a designer's products.



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