Long Skirt

This is one kind of woman dressing in which will differ the woman dress from man, because no man will be willing to wear this kind of dress. Yet, nowadays, most of woman like wearing pant, either short or long one, and rarely wear long skirt. The reasons that is usually said are that wearing long skirt will be make them in wrinkling, they will be fussing over by wearing long skirt, they can not mobile free whenever, in which will be different if they are wearing pants. Beside that, wearing pants will make them in same level with man (gender equivalence)Actually, wearing skirt is not make woman in trouble and will not make them out of date. Precisely, this will make woman so feminine and fashionable, elegant, beautiful, and will boost their sex appeal. Moreover, nowadays, woman can match some long skirt design with the other blouses or others in which make them so so beautiful and ELEGANT.


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