Strawberry Gown

When hearing the word strawberry, so we will imagine the red, fresh, and sweet fruit. Strawberry. Yet, at this time, this fruit is not only being eaten, but it can be wear by a beautiful woman. Yes, this is a really sweet gown from 6,225 Strawberry. Who is designer? the designer is LILIK JAYANATA from Sidoarjo, East java. This gown made from strawbery that are pick on the white fabric, so it will give the white and red scene, because this gown was shonwn in the Independence day of Indonesia on August 17th, 2008 in City of Tomorrow, Surabaya, East Java.
The length of back gown is 1.5 metres, and the wings is 2 metres, and the weight is 103.75 kilograms.
The tail of this gown is 3 metres length.



Wow! Yummy and Interesting.

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